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flip, toss - frivolously toss to view which aspect comes up; "I don't know how to proceed--I'll also flip a coin!"

enchantment, invoke - request earnestly (one thing from any person); ask for support or security; "appeal to somebody for aid"; "Invoke God in moments of problems"

beginning, start - a change being a starter (in a recreation originally); "he got his start off simply because one of several frequent pitchers was while in the healthcare facility"; "his starting up intended which the mentor considered he was just one in their best linemen"

prime of your inning, major - the main 50 percent of the inning; even though the going to group is at bat; "a reduction pitcher took around in the highest with the fifth"

turn - channel a single's awareness, interest, assumed, or interest towards or clear of anything; "The pedophile turned to boys for satisfaction"; "folks convert to mysticism on the flip of the millennium"

(of issues or folks) to become improved or even worse. His fortunes have taken a change for the higher; Her well being has taken a turn for that worse. beter phrase, slegter phrase يَتَحَوَّل إلى الأفْضَل подобрявам се/влошавам се melhorar/piorar zlepšit se; zhoršit se sich verbessern, ...schlimmern blive bedre; blive værre βελτιώνομαι, χειροτερεύω mejorar/empeorar; volverse mejor/peor; dar un giro para mejor/peor paremaks muutuma, halvemaks muutuma رو به بهبود گذاشتن؛ بدتر شدن kääntyä paremmaksi, heikommaksi s'améliorer; s'aggraver לְהִשתָנוֹת לְטוֹבָה/לְרָעָה हालात अच्छा या खराब होना krenuti nabolje/nagore kedvező v. kedvezőtlen fordulatot vesz membaik, memburuk skána; versna migliorare; peggiorare 良く[]なる 차차 나아지기 시작하다 pakrypti į gerąją/blogąją pusę keyīties uz labo/slikto pusi; uzlaboties/pasliktināties berubah menjadi lebih baik/ buruk een gunstige/ongunstige wending nemen snu seg til det bedre/verre przybrać lepszy obrót بدتر کیدل، د بهبودی په طرف تلل melhorar/piorar a se îmbunătăţi; a se înrăutăţi улучшаться, ухудшаться zlepšiť sa; zhoršiť sa obrniti se na boljše/na slabše poboljšati se en vändning until det bättre (sämre), fileörbättras/försämras ทำให้ดีขึ้น düzelmeye başlamak 轉好,轉壞 змінитися на краще / гірше اچھا موڑ لينا يا برا موڑ لينا trở nên tốt hơn, xấu hơn 转好,转坏

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his belly turned in the sight → al verlo se le revolvió el estómago, se le revolvieron las tripas al verlo

expand, turn - pass right into a problem gradually, tackle a selected house or attribute; become; "The temperature turned check this site out horrible"; "She grew indignant"

currently in her to start with film she turned several heads → ya en su primera película la gente se fijó en ella

This can be a dynamic list and will in no way have the option to fulfill unique requirements for completeness. You will help by increasing it with reliably sourced entries.

change - go into a condition slowly, tackle a particular residence or attribute; grow to be; "The weather turned horrible"; "She grew angry"

backtrack, double again, convert again - retrace just one's program; "The hikers received into a storm and had to turn again"

(Cook: = idea out) cake → stürzen; he turned the images out from the box → er kippte die Fotos aus der Schachtel

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